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Cutting Pre-slit on 8mm Septa

Aijiren’s 8mm Septa is made of Silicone and PTFE raw materials. Aijiren cuts Pre-slit on Septa for the convenience of customers. The pattern is a font and a cross. The cross-shaped pre-slit septa is the best. It is convenient for the automatic injection needle to puncture. If the customer uses a blunt needle, you can consider buying a cross-type pre-slit septa.

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Aijiren’s most popular product is the 2ml autosampler vial, and this autosampler vial is most commonly used in autosamplers. The operation of the autosampler requires the autosampler needle to puncture Septa to reach the inside of Via for sampling, and then heat it for a while. A series of operations to get the experimental results. However, if the automatic injection needle is thicker or the needle is blunt, it is easy to cause unsuccessful puncture, and instead will bring Septa into the vial and contaminate the sample. In order to avoid this situation, Aijiren introduced the Septa with Pre-slit, which cuts the gap on the Septa with a blade in advance. This gap does not affect the seal of the Septa, and can provide guidance when the automatic injection needle is punctured, and Help the automatic injection needle to enter the inside of Vial correctly. The following video shows Aijiren performing pre-slit cutting for Septa in batches. With Pre-slit Septa, the sealing performance will be slightly weaker than that of ordinary Septa, and Aijiren does not recommend multiple punctures. 1-3 punctures are sufficient. After multiple punctures, Septa may lose its elasticity, and the sealing performance may be Will disappear. It is recommended that customers use both 2ml autosampler vial and Closures as a one-time use, because Aijiren is cheap, and the time and effort required to clean a batch of 2ml autosampler vial is not as good as buying more 2ml autosampler vial with closures.
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