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Aijiren Septa Workshop

Aijiren’s septa can choose whether to have pre-slit or not. The pre-slit pattern is divided into one-shaped and cross-shaped. The septa with pre-slit is better to be pierced, especially for blunt automatic injection needles. , The cross star pre-slit septa can guide the automatic injection needle to accurately enter the vial to suck liquid, and will not deviate from the direction and cause the automatic injection needle to poke on the vial and cause the via to rupture.

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Aijiren's factory is specialized in producing septa. From the selection of raw materials, cutting, to the assembly of caps, Aijiren adheres to the belief of choosing the best from the best to ensure that the high-quality production of septa is foolproof, especially in the septa workshop. Ten fully automatic septa cutting machines, and septa's cutting machines, all represent Aijiren's strong strength.
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