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1.5ml Vial Factory Packaging

Aijiren uses PP Boxes for packaging. Generally, Aijiren uses 100pcs/pack, and the box has strong anti-impact ability. It is not easy to cause the vial to break during transportation. Aijiren’s 2ml hplc Vial has three different calibers to choose from. Screw, crimp and snap, the openings are divided into 8mm-11mm, many types are convenient for customers to choose.

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The picture shows the scene of a 2ml hplc vial ordered by a customer waiting for production while waiting for packaging. Aijiren's factory has a large capacity, a large area, a large number of workshops, a complete production line, a daily output of 240,000 Vias, and more than 100 workers. With packaging and Closures, Septa's supporting production, Aijiren has a huge production capacity and can meet customers' large quantities of orders.
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