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Sample Storage Vial Manufacturer

Aijiren adopts the latest production technology. The fully automated production line can meet mass production. Sample Storage Vial has undergone strict quality inspection during production. Any vial that fails the quality inspection will be returned for reprocessing. Aijiren has its own quality inspection. The system and design laboratory will always strive to bring more updated products and better product experience to customers.

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The sample storage vial produced by Aijiren has an opening of 24mm, a capacity of 60ml, a neck opening of 24-400 Thread, 27.5*140mm, and the glass material can be divided into 5.0type and 7.0type. Aijiren can provide a 60ml vial printing and production process. The printing position is at the top of the vial body, and the logo can be customized and designed.
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