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Screw Neck Cap Manufacturing

In addition to producing Autosampler Vial, Aijiren is also rich in matching Caps. Usually Caps are made of high-quality polypropylene for use in automatic sample injection vials. Aijiren uses a unified standard to produce PP Caps in an assembly line project to ensure that the Cap lines between batches are consistent and there is no difference. It is convenient for the customer’s laboratory sampling operation.

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The machine in the picture is the one used by Aijiren to manufacture Screw Neck Cap. Each batch can produce 6 Caps. The Cap specifications of the same batch are the same and the quality is guaranteed. Aijiren uses high-quality polypropylene for Cap production, and can customize different colors of polypropylene according to customer needs, or choose to produce Cap with center hole or solid. Aijiren also produces Crimp Cap and Snap Cap. Crimp Cap uses Aluminum, Snap Cap also uses polypropylene, but thread is different from Screw Cap. The inner diameter of the Snap Cap is four protrusions, while the inner diameter of the Screw Cap is a thread. The difference in inner diameter ensures that it is suitable for different types of Vial.
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