20mm PTFE Septa

20mm PTFE Septa

The PTFE layer of Aijiren’s 20mm PTFE Septa composite diaphragm is in contact with the reagent. It is chemically inert, resistant to acids, alkalis, temperature and adhesion. Even at high temperatures, it cannot work with concentrated acids, alkalis or strong oxidants. At the same time, the elasticity of the silicone rubber or silicone layer can ensure the sealing performance; Aijiren abides by strict production management to ensure the quality of the product. The product is clean and can be used directly without washing.

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Aijiren 20mm PTFE Septa uses Teflon and silicone rubber or ultra-pure silica as raw materials to ensure that the septa is non-toxic; to ensure excellent functions, it is especially suitable for gas chromatography to ensure that the septa does not fall into the sample bottle during the sampling process; Aijiren uses an adhesive-free bonding process to bond the PTFE membrane with silicone rubber or silicone to maintain the excellent properties of the two materials.
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