13mm Nylon Syringe Filter

13mm Nylon Syringe Filter

Nylon Syringe Filter material: high-density polypropylene PP for exterior wall; filter membrane: nylon. Filter area: §¶13mm-0.65cm2, §¶25mm-3.9cm2. Inlet pressure: §¶13mm-7bar, §¶25mm-5bar [1 bar (bar) = 100,000 Pa (Pa) = 10 Newton/square centimeter as the pressure unit] Temperature: 60-130 degrees Celsius. Features: Significantly hydrophilic, no need for pre-wetting. The pore size is uniform, and it has strong elasticity and adsorption force, which can ensure effective retention and meet the application requirements of fine filtration. It has good chemical compatibility, is compatible with most reagents, and does not shed fibers. It meets the standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

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The nylon membrane used for syringe filter produced by Aijiren is a pre-cut nylon membrane with a pore size of 0.45¦Ìm. The nylon membrane syringe filter is widely used, and is suitable for Southern blotting, Northern blotting, EMSA, colony/phage transfer, dot and slot blotting, DNA and other nucleic acid analysis and detection.
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