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Home » Products » Factory » 9mm Screw Neck Closures

9mm Screw Neck Closures

The 9mm screw cap produced by Aijiren has a center hole to facilitate the sampling of the injection needle of the autosampler. The injection needle will penetrate the septa and enter the interior of the vial for extraction. The thread pattern of the 9mm screw cap fits closely with the vial. Septa is slightly squeezed between the cap and vial to fill the gap, so the sealing is extremely high.

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9mm screw vial closures are made of high-quality PP. The internal thread ensures good sealing. The PP material can withstand high temperatures. It can also cooperate with the experiment even in the heated chromatographic analysis experiment. Septa is a combination of silicone and PTFE. It is said that the side of PTFE will face the direction of the reagent inside the vial, because PTFE is inert and will not cause reagent contamination.
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