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Package of 9mm Closures

The standard sample vials for GC and HPLC have a 9mm opening to facilitate sample storage. It can be used with 9mm Closures. There are different colors of open cover, solid cover and a variety of septa suitable for different applications for customers to choose. Aijiren produces Closures in a clean room. It is Aijiren’s efforts to ensure the high quality of 9mm Closures and 9mm hplc vial.

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9mm Screw Closures provides low evaporation and reusable operation services. Compared with crimp seals, there are fewer injuries to the hand during the operation and no special tools are required. Aijiren offers 2ml hplc vial with threaded necks of 8mm, 9mm and 10mm. Among them, the 9mm thread style is the most unique. The shorter thread makes the Cap length shorter than 8mm and 10mm. Please see Closures type clearly when purchasing.
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