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20mm Crimp Top Closures

There are two types of packaging for 20mm Crimp Top Closures produced by Aijiren, one is packaged in plastic bags, the other is packaged in threaded plastic cans, and the quantity is 100 per bag/can. Aijiren is packaged in cans. Because 20mm Crimp Top Closures are easily squeezed and deformed during transportation, which affects the sealing effect in the experiment, they are packed in cans.

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The 20mm Crimp Top Closures produced by Aijiren are made of aluminum into Cap. The Cap is thinner, so it is convenient to use the Hand Crimper to press and seal. When sealing, the hand Crimper will apply force to the Cap, and Septa will be squeezed between the Cap and the Via. Sealed, the inside of the Vial will form a closed space, and when the autosampler pierces the Septa for sampling, it will not change the pressure balance in the Vial. Aijiren chose to produce Crimp Top Closures because gas chromatography has high requirements for sealing, and only Crimp Top Closures can meet this requirement.
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