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Chromatography Vials Manufacturer

Aijiren is a factory specializing in the production of chromatography consumables. The products provided are 2ml chromatography vial, autosampler vial, headspace vial, reagent bottle, COD Test Tube, Sample Storage Vial, Syringe Filter and so on. These chromatographic consumables are all popular products of Aijiren.

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Aijiren currently has two buildings, a production building and an office building. There are more than a dozen different factories and workshops in the production building, including a raw material warehouse, a Vial production workshop, a printing workshop, a Septa production workshop, a Septa cutting workshop, Cap and Septa. Assembly workshop, product packaging workshop, packaging and delivery workshop, finished product warehouse. Aijiren's large area and multiple factories can support multiple assembly lines for the production of products. These products will be packaged and shipped in the factory after production. During the production process, Aijiren adheres to strict quality control to ensure that every product is Able to maintain high quality standards.
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