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Autosampler Vial for Analytik Jena 2100 S

Autosampler Vials produced by Aijiren are often used in autosamplers. Aijiren is committed to contributing to the convenience of chromatographic consumables. Many products are used to help chromatographic analysis experiments. Aijiren produces Autosampler Vials to facilitate more customers to perform chromatographic analysis experiments.

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The Autosampler Vials produced by Aijiren uses high-quality borosilicate-hydrochloric acid glass to be shaped according to the mold to ensure consistent specifications between batches without errors. Then, high-quality polypropylene is used to make Screw and Snap Caps, Aluminum is made of Crimp Cap, and Siliocne and PTFE are made of Septa. , As a result, Closures of Autosampler is completed. Aijiren adopts a fully automated production method and uses machinery for mass production. The Autosampler Vial produced by mold automation can maintain the same specifications between batches and is very suitable for Analytik jena 2100 S. It is a convenient set of autosamplers.
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