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EPA Vial for Storing Samples

Aijiren produces EPA Vial mainly for storing samples. There are many ways to store samples in the laboratory. Vial storage is one of them. As a manufacturer of chromatography consumables, Aijiren can use high-quality inert borosilicate glass to produce EPA Vial, which can help samples. Storage, EPA experimental analysis, is a good helper for customer laboratories.

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The EPA Vial produced by Aijiren has a maximum capacity of 60ml and a minimum capacity of 8ml. It has multiple specifications and multiple sizes, giving customers more room for choice. There are two diameters of 15mm and 24mm. The screw neck is sealed to ensure the tightness of the gas while facilitating the operation of the test personnel. The production of Sample Storage Vial meets the needs of customers for large-capacity sample storage. The clear glass EPA Vial can It is convenient for laboratory personnel to directly observe the changes of samples with naked eyes. For samples that are sensitive to light, amber glass EPA Vial is required for storage. The EPA Vial produced by Aijiren can also effectively prevent the volatilization of samples, which is indispensable for chromatographic analysis experiments. An important part.  
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