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Operation of 10-425 Autosampler Vials

Aijiren specializes in the production of Autosampler Vials, has its own production plant, and has purchased a large number of production equipment for assembly line production. At present, Aijiren has become the largest manufacturer of chromatographic consumables in southern China. Among them, Autosampler Vials is Aijiren’s most important product and the most customers. Products needed.

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The Autosampler Vial with a 10mm neck opening has a maximum capacity of 2ml. Aijiren usually recommends that customers only hold 1.5ml, because too much liquid will cause the internal air pressure to be too high after the Vial is heated, and accidents may occur when the automatic injection needle is punctured and sampled. When Aijiren produces 10-425 Autosampler Vial, there will be a variety of specifications, including amber glass, clear glass, scale, and writing area. These are all for the convenience of customers to control the liquid volume, and also for customers to distinguish between different vias. Of different liquids. In addition to the first time, Aijiren also provides customized services, the color of Cap, the color of Septa, and the customized printed logo on the Vial body. These can be provided to customers, and only a part of the processing fee is required. Aijiren guarantees the price of Autosampler Vial. Reasonable, affordable, high quality, production will be arranged within three days after the order is placed, and delivery will be arranged within 7 days, and the factory will send it directly, and there is no middleman to make the difference.
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