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COD Test Tube for Analysis and Digestion

Aijiren produces COD Test Tube for water quality testing. COD Test Tube can also be applied to a variety of analytical instruments. Because analysis requires heating, the reagents in COD Test Tube require high-temperature heating or other strong chemical reactions, which affect the quality of the glass. With higher requirements, Aijiren uses high-quality inert glass to produce COD Test Tube, which facilitates the occurrence of chemical reactions.

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Aijiren has produced COD Test Tubes for 20 years. The diameter of COD Test Tubes is 16mm. The large diameter is used to facilitate sample injection. The long-threaded neck is designed to facilitate sealing. The glass adopts the highest quality HC type and LVB type. There are two types of flat bottom and round bottom. The flat bottom can stand on the table. The picture shows the round bottom type, which just fits the multifunctional digestion instrument. The COD Test Tube provided by Aijiren has four capacity specifications. The size of 9ml is 16*90mm, the size of 10ml is 16*100mm, the size of 12ml is 16*125mm, and the size of 15ml is 16*150mm. Aijiren produces COD Test Tube in order to facilitate customers to hold reagents for different types of experimental analysis. Customers can choose COD Test Tubes of different specifications according to their own needs. Aijiren provides two kinds of packaging, 25 pcs/pack and 100 pcs/pack, according to Choose packaging for your own needs. The picture below shows the catalog of Aijiren COD Test Tube. Choose the product number and quantity that suits you, and click on the message page to tell us.
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