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Aijiren HPLC Vials and Headspace Vials Display Stand

The vials produced by Aijiren are used for chromatographic experiments. There are 2ml autosampler vial for autosampler, headspace vial for gas chromatography, Sample Storage Vial for sample storage, and colorimetry for digestion. COD Test Tube, Aijiren produces these products for the convenience of customers to conduct better experiments. Different specifications and different calibers are all to meet the needs of customers.

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The display rack in the picture is a collection of Aijiren products. The first row of the display rack displays Aijiren sample storage vial with closures of different sizes. The sample storage vial produced by Aijiren has two diameters of 15mm and 24mm, both of which are screw necks. For the texture, some of the caps have a center hole, and some are capped. There are transparent and amber colors, which are designed for light-sensitive samples. Displayed in the second row are Headspace Vial and COD Test Tube. The headspace vials have screw neck and crimp top types, both in 10ml and 20ml specifications. The screw neck vials have a diameter of 18mm and the cap is made of magnetic metal. , Septa is made of silicone and ptfe. The crimp neck headspace vial has a diameter of 20mm, the cap is made of high-quality aluminum, and the septa is made of butyl, and the thickness is 3mm for easy sealing. The diameter of the COD Test Tube is 16mm screw neck, and the bottom has two types: flat bottom and round bottom. The specifications and capacities are also different, there are 10ml and 12ml. Displayed in the third row is a 4ml screw neck vial and a 13mm screw neck opening, which is convenient for autosampler injection. The 2ml hplc vial in the fourth row has three sizes of screw neck vial of 8mm, 9mm, and 10mm, as well as 11mm crimp top vial and 11mm snap top vial.
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