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Aijiren Headspace Vials Factory in 2016 Analytica China

Aijiren has been focusing on the research and development of 2ml chromatography vial, and Aijiren is now focusing on the brand effect and brand reputation, so that more people can understand Aijiren and know that Aijiren is a factory that produces 2ml chromatography vial. Aijiren has specially participated in many Exhibitions, such as 2016 Analytica China, have greatly helped Aijiren’s brand effect.

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Aijiren, as a factory specializing in the production of chromatographic consumables, has its own production base and laboratory analysis room. The product display cabinet in the picture shows the products produced by Aijiren in 2016, 11mm and 20mm hand crimper, 2ml autosampler vial, sample storage vial, 4ml hplc vial, vial rack, headspace vial, closures (cap&septa). It is a product produced and sold by Aijirem in 2016. As a professional manufacturer of chromatographic consumables, Aijiren uses high-quality borosilicate-hydrochloric acid glass material, and its unique thread design ensures the tightness of the sample bottle. The bottleneck is processed to facilitate the gripping of the robotic arm. The introduction of the adhesive-free process allows Septa to maintain the excellent resilience properties of silicone and PTFE, which is softer than the septa of the bonding process, and it can be said that the needle of Autosampler provides better protection.
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