Turkish Customer Orders 100 packs 2ml HPLC Vials on Site

Turkish Customer Orders 100 packs 2ml HPLC Vials on Site

Aijiren has specialized in producing autosampler vial for 20 years. Aijiren’s products include 2ml autosampler vial, 4ml autosampler vial, headspace vial, 20-60mlsample storage vial, syringe filter, reagent bottle, COD test tube, etc.

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Aijiren customers are asking Aijiren’s staff for more product-related issues at the exhibition. Aijiren’s main products are 2ml Autosampler Vial, which is suitable for HPLC autosampler in chromatographic analysis. Syringe filter is used to filter impurities in reagents, headspace Vial is often used for gas chromatographic analysis, large volume is more convenient for gas extraction, reagent bottle is often used to hold reagents with a large volume for sample injection by autosampler, and COD Test Tube is often used for digestion and colorimetric analysis. After customers understand the types and uses of Aijiren products, they can judge the samples they need and purchase them. Aijiren supports custom printing of 2ml autosampler vial logos and customization of Septa with Cap. Mass customization and transportation are more cost-effective.
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