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Aijiren 2ml HPLC Vials Producer

Aijiren participated in Analytica China in Shanghai in 2020. At that time, Aijiren carefully designed the booth in order to promote the products, and went to Analytica China with full products and sincerity. This was to give customers more convenience and let the industry use it more. Those who know Aijiren, know Aijiren.

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In order to better understand what kind of products the customers in the industry need, so that customers can better understand Aijiren, Aijiren participated in the Analytica China held in Shanghai in 2020, facing colleagues and customers all over the world, accepting peer inspections, accepting customer questions, and helping customers FAQ. The products provided by Aijiren include most of the products used in chromatographic experiments. For example, reagent bottle is used to hold reagents with amplifying capacity, syringe filter is used to filter reagents, autosampler vial is used to hold reagents to be tested, and closures are used to control autosampler. The vial is sealed, and the cod test tube can be used for the digestion colorimetric test. The headspace vial can be used for gas chromatography experiments.
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