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Aijiren Autosampler Vial Booth

The showcase in the picture is the product showcase designed by Aijiren to participate in the exhibition in 2020, with Aijiren’s popular products, 2ml Autosampler Vial, Sample Storage Vial, Headspace Vial including Closures, Aijiren has 20 years of experience in the production of chromatography consumables, Aijiren The brand’s influence has begun to go out of China and into the world. I hope that more customers will recognize Aijiren and choose Aijiren.

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The showcase on the left is a 20-60ml sample storage vial. There are two colors of this vial, clear and amber. The opening diameter is 24mm. The screw thread is convenient for cap sealing and sample storage. Because of its large capacity, it is convenient to store samples. The opening is also convenient for placing the sample or drawing out the sample. There is also a screw neck sample storage vial with a 15mm opening. This type of vial generally has a capacity of 8-12ml, which is more suitable for small amounts of reagent storage. Headspace Vial is generally used for gas chromatography analysis. There are two types of screw neck and crimp neck. The 2ml Autosampler Vial has three types: crimp top, screw top and snap top. It is used on the autosampler, and the closures are all produced by Aijiren's exclusive process, which can be applied to Aijiren, Thermo Fisher, Shimadzu and other famous Branded autosampler.
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