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Aijiren Sample Storage Vial with Cap

Aijiren is a chromatographic consumable production factory specializing in the production of sample storage vial. Aijiren has 20 years of experience in producing chromatographic consumables. Aijiren’s sample storage vial is often used to store samples and put them in the laboratory for use in chromatographic analysis or other experiments. , Sample storage vial are very practical, it is a convenient suit for laboratory personnel.

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The sample storage vial provided by Aijiren has two diameters, 15mm and 24mm. The 15mm diameter has two capacities, 8ml and 12ml. The 8ml size is 16.6*60mm, and the 12ml size is 18.5*65mm. For samples of different capacities, sample storage vial of different capacities can be selected. The 15mm sample storage vial is placed on the lower level in the picture. On the upper layer is 24mm screw neck sample storage vial, 24mm screw neck, 20ml 27.5*57mm, 30ml 27.5*75mm, 40ml 27.5*95mm and 60ml 27.5*140mm four specifications, divided into transparent and amber colors, wide The opening ensures the convenience of sample injection. Both types of vials can be customized for logo printing and scale printing. The closures are made of high-quality polypropylene to make Screw Cap, and Silicone and PTFE are made into Septa through adhesive-free compounding. This is the quality improvement of Aijiren’s sample storage vial. Brings convenience.
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