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PTFE Syringe Filter Supplier

The PTFE Syringe Filter in the picture has an aperture of 0.22, an outer diameter of 25mm, and a purple color. Aijiren also offers many other colors of Syringe Filter, such as yellow, pink, blue, green, etc. Customers can choose according to their preferences . The Syringe Filter produced by Aijiren can be equipped with many different types of filter membranes, which can be selected according to the reagents that customers need to filter.

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PTFE Syringe Filter uses a PTFE filter membrane. PTFE is hydrophilic and PTFE is highly inert. Generally speaking, it is a versatile material in the laboratory and can be used for filtering different types of reagents. Syringe Filter has two design apertures, 0.22 and 0.45, which can filter impurities of different sizes. The outer diameter size can also be freely selected according to the filter needle of the autosampler.
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