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Package of 24mm Screw Neck Vial

Aijiren is usually packaged in PP box, 100 pieces are sold in a box. Closures can be packaged separately. As a production company, Aijiren can provide a large amount of spot production, and it can also meet multiple orders at the same time. Aijiren¡¯s lowest price The order quantity is 10 boxes, because sending too few products overseas will cause the postage to be higher than the product cost.

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The 24mm Sample Storage Vial produced by Aijiren can be made with transparent and amber glass. Different colors of glass have different effects. The transparent glass can see the reagent content and changes in the vial, and the amber glass can isolate ultraviolet rays and prevent sensitivity to light. The sample is affected. 24mm sample storage vial has always been a hot product.
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