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Home » Products » Application » Syringe filter » Green 33mm MCE Syringe Filter

Green 33mm MCE Syringe Filter

MCE Syringe Filter is generally used to filter neutral or partial neutral aqueous solutions, and can be used as experimental sample clarification filtration, liquid chromatography injection filtration and so on. Not suitable for filtering organic solvents and strong acid and alkali solutions. This filter is for one-time use, filtering about 10 ml at a time (specifically, there is a big difference according to the impurities of the filtered liquid), and the filter membrane cannot be disassembled. 0.45¦Ìm can remove conventional impurities and some bacteria visible to the naked eye. Generally used in conjunction with the syringe.

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In HPLC analysis, the particle size of the chromatographic column packing is small and it is easy to be blocked by impurity particles. Therefore, samples and solvents need to be filtered in advance to remove particulate contaminants and protect the instrument. Ion chromatography, which is commonly used in environmental analysis, also requires that no inorganic contaminants be introduced in sample pretreatment. Syringe filters can be used in HPLC analysis and IC analysis. Filtering sample solutions is an important step in the sample pretreatment process.
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