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33mm PTFE Syringe Filter

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) performance: suitable for water system and various organic solvents, resistant to all solvents, low solubility. It has the characteristics of air permeability and water impermeability, large air flux, high particle retention rate, good temperature resistance, resistance to strong acids, alkalis, organic solvents and oxidants, resistance to aging, non-stickiness, non-flammability, non-toxicity, and biocompatibility. Its related products are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, electronics, food, energy and other fields

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PTFE Syringe Filter is the preferred method for filtering small samples of HPLC and GC, and is often used in conjunction with disposable syringes. The filtration diameter is 13mm or 25mm, and the processing capacity ranges from 0.5ml to 200ml.
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