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0.22 Red PTFE Syringe Filter

The PTFE syringe filter is tritium-free and has a two-way membrane support and Luer lock inlet/outlet and a safe and suitable syringe. The membrane type and pore size are printed on each filter for easy identification. All Aijiren syringe filters are 100% integrity tested and comply with ISO 9002 standards. The sterilizing filter is sterilized with gamma rays. And detect no pyrogen, no cytotoxicity.

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Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane is not affected by most organic solvents, concentrated acids and alkalis, propellants and cryogenic liquids. It is very suitable for sterilizing gas and alcohol; cleaning acid, alkali and organic solvent, exhaust gas, and can be used for corrosive chemicals.
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