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Home » Products » Application » Syringe filter » PES Sterile Syringe Filter

PES Sterile Syringe Filter

Aijiren sterile PES syringe filter
100% integrity test, individual packaging, gamma radiation
Diameter: 13mm, aperture: 0.45um, 100/pack
In line with ISO certification, quality is guaranteed
Applications: Preparation of tissue culture media, sterile filtration and clarification of biological fluids, probe solutions, protein and enzyme filtration, hybridization buffers, etc.

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The PES sterile syringe filter produced by Aijiren is made of PES with a blue ring in a polypropylene (PP) housing. The connector types are: inlet: female luer; outlet: male sliding luer; standardized miniature leak-free connection. Diameter: 13mm, aperture: 0.45μm, 100/pack. PES as a filter membrane has excellent chemical and thermal stability; and the sterile syringe filter has a high flow rate; the PES Sterile Syringe Filter provided by Aijiren is very suitable for the filtration function in chromatographic analysis, because this kind of filtration can protect the chromatogram Precision instruments such as columns are not damaged.
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