CA Syringe Filter Manufacturer

CA Syringe Filter Manufacturer

Aijiren’s CA Syringe Filter 90% is exported to the world’s major economically developed countries. Filters can provide foundry services according to customer needs. The produced filters have good consistency between batches, and there are strict control procedures from raw materials to production processes to in and out of warehouse delivery management to ensure the quality and use value of the products.

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CA Syringe Filter uses cellulose acetate as the membrane material inside the syringe filter. The hydrophilic CA membrane is suitable for the filtration of water-soluble oligomers and polymers, and is especially suitable for biomacromolecules with very high shape stability in aqueous solutions. The binding ability to protein is extremely low. Using Aijiren CA syringe filter can remove unwanted particles in reagents, otherwise it will cause contamination and blockage of sensitive instruments. Therefore, filtering samples can extend the life of the column and equipment and reduce downtime, providing more consistent and reproducible results, saving time and money.
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