PVDF Syringe Filter Manufacturer

PVDF Syringe Filter Manufacturer

Aijiren’s PVDF syringe filter has hydrophilicity and good chemical compatibility. They can bring precision to your research and ensure the highest level of performance. Our filter series are designed with female Leur-lock inlet and male Leur-slip outlet. In addition, these filters have better mechanical resistance and can withstand high temperatures.

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In the filtration of HPLC samples and general biological samples, the PVDF syringe filter is preferred because of its low protein binding capacity and excellent flow rate. At Aijiren, we produce the best varieties of 13mm and 25mm filters. It is used for protein sequence analysis and is very effective for aqueous samples. Aijiren's PVDF filter has a well-defined pore structure, low non-specific binding, and is compatible with organic and aqueous solvents. Please note that hydrophilic PVDF syringe filters are not compatible with most strong acids and corrosive solutions, such as dimethyl sulfoxide, dimethyl formamide (DMF), acetone, ketones, esters, and ethers.
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