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Pink 0.22 Syringe Filter

The reinforcement ring can provide greater strength to the shell to prevent leakage and bursting (30mm product pressure is rated at 120 psi). The shell is made of solvent-resistant, low-extraction polypropylene resin, specifically selected for wide compatibility with common HPLC sample matrices. The solution can be filtered at temperatures up to 100¡ãC, which is convenient and easy to use.

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Syringe Filter color coding makes it easy to choose the correct membrane and pore size. It is packaged in a reusable rigid transparent color-coded container. The syringe filter can be sterilized by autoclaving at 125¡ãC for 15 minutes. The Luer lock air inlet can prevent leakage; the outlet connector is a standard size male Luer sliding connector, which can facilitate the collection of filtrate.
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