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25mm Blue MCE Syringe Filter

MCE features: relatively uniform pore size, high porosity, no media shedding, thin texture, low resistance, fast filtration rate, and minimal adsorption.
The main purpose of MCE: to filter out the particles and bacteria of liquid medicine, gas, oil, beverages, sprinkles, electronic instruments, etc., and can also be used for the detection of particles and bacteria.

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MCE is made of refined nitrocellulose and added with appropriate amount of cellulose acetate, acetone, n-butanol, ethanol, etc. It is hydrophilic, non-toxic and hygienic. It is a porous membrane filter material with relatively uniform pore size distribution. Absolute pore size with porosity as high as 80¡ë. It is mainly used for the filtration of water-based solutions, so it is also called water-based membrane. This product is flammable. When storing, it should be sealed, moisture-proof and fire-proof.
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