25mm PVDF Syringe Filter

25mm PVDF Syringe Filter

Due to the high hydrophobicity of the PVDF membrane, it needs to be soaked in an appropriate solution such as ethanol before use to achieve the purpose of activation and make the membrane easier to bind proteins. This product is compatible with many dyes, such as Ponceau-S red, Coomassie brilliantblue, Sypro ruby, Transillumination, Toluidine blue, CPTS, Colloidal gold, India inkAmido black. Among them, after dyeing with dyes such as Ponceau and CPTS, the dyes can be washed off and the film can be used for further analysis; while dyes such as Coomassie Brilliant Blue, India ink, and amide black are irreversible, the film cannot be used after dyeing. For further analysis.

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This PVDF membrane is suitable for detection by chemiluminescence (such as BeyoECL Star, BeyoECL Plus, ECL, etc.), conventional color development (such as DAB, TMB), dyeing and isotope methods. If you need to use fluorescence detection (such as using the LI-COR Odyssey system), you need to use a special low fluorescence background PVDF membrane.
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