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Aijiren’s 33mm Syringe FIlter

Filter sterilization, that is, removing microorganisms by physical means such as screening or filter material adsorption, is a commonly used method of sterilization. The filtration method is widely used, and some materials that need to be sterilized cannot be heated, such as many vitamin solutions. In addition to being used in the production of beverages and drugs, the air is often sterilized by filtration. When we usually do microbiology experiments, the sterilized container is usually plugged with cotton at the outlet, which is actually filtering to remove microorganisms in the air, so that there is no microbial contamination in the air entering the container.

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The filtration sterilization method generally uses a filter membrane. First, use a depth filter to remove large particles of sediment. The filter membrane is then used for filtration, which is generally made of synthetic fiber materials such as cellulose acetate, nitrocellulose, polycarbonate, and polyvinylidene fluoride. The pore size of the filter membrane is generally 0.2 microns, which can filter out most of the nutrient cells of microorganisms.
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