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13mm Nylon Syringe Filter

Aijiren brand syringe filters are HPLC certified to ensure reliable and consistent results. Water, methanol, and acetonitrile are used for testing, and HPLC is used for detection at 210 and 254 nm wavelengths. None absorbs ultraviolet light, which can provide a purer analytical background.

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This syringe filter with nylon membrane is compatible with a variety of solvents, so it is very suitable for rapid filtration of most aqueous and organic solutions. Therefore, as the mixture of the aqueous sample solution and the organic solvent passes through the membrane, the fine droplets of the extractant solvent gather and separate from the aqueous sample solution. By implementing this simple method, the total extraction time is only 3-4 minutes; it is environmentally friendly and has no centrifugal effect, and can provide a higher sample purification rate by filtering the receptor phase. Thoroughly inspected and optimized the parameters affecting extraction efficiency, including the type and volume of extraction solvent, pH, ionic strength and extraction times.
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