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PP Sterile Filter

Sterile filtration is used in many applications: serum-containing or non-serum-containing media that supports the growth of cell cultures, reagents or solutions containing sensitive components that will degrade during high temperature processing, and when there is no autoclave, filtration should be added to the sterile growth media supplement Liquid, filter samples to avoid microbial growth during storage, filter buffers, remove particulate matter and avoid microbial growth during storage, filter biological samples to be analyzed, avoid microbial contamination of expensive equipment, filter environmental samples to be analyzed, filter fermentation liquids, Further purification or analysis.

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Sterile filtration can use 0.2¦Ìm pore size, and our sterile filtration product range includes 0.45 pore size. To avoid contamination of the sample when using non-sterile devices, these larger apertures can be used. We offer a series of sterile filtration products for different volume applications.
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