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Green PES Streil Syringe Filter

Polyethersulfone (PES):?Hydrophilic, stable in low pH, have low levels of extractables, and exhibit low protein binding, making them suitable for many aqueous and organic solvents. PES membranes allow higher liquid flow than PTFE. Temperature resistant. pH range ~3-14 (sometimes quoted as 1-14).

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Syringe filter is a quick, convenient and reliable filter tool used routinely in the laboratory.Because they don't need to change the membrane and filter cleaning, it¡¯s eliminating the complex and time-consuming preparation. ?It is widely used in the sample pre filtration, removal of particles, aseptic filtration of liquids and gases. It is the preferred method to filter small samples before loading into HPLC and GC ,and it is often used with disposable syringe.?
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