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25mm Green Nylon Syringe Filter

Instructions for use and precautions:
1. It must be used with disposable syringes and glass syringes. The interface is standard. Put the needle filter on the syringe first, then pour the liquid into the syringe, press the push rod down, and collect the filtered liquid.
2. Do not use a syringe smaller than 10cc, because the small-volume column may cause the pressure to exceed the upper limit and cause damage to the filter membrane.
3. Only for laboratory use, one-time use, non-renewable.
4. The filtrate at the beginning of the part should be discarded. The volume is about the dead volume of the filter. Taking 25mm as an example, discard the first 1mL filtrate; or pre-clean the filter with 1 to 2mL of solution.

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Material: exterior high-density polypropylene PP; filter membrane: Nylon Filter area: §¶13mm-0.65cm2, §¶25mm-3.9cm2 Inlet pressure: §¶13mm-7bar, §¶25mm-5bar [1 bar (bar)=100,000 Pa (Pa)=10 Newton/square centimeter is the unit of pressure] Temperature: 60-130 degrees Celsius Features: Significantly hydrophilic, without pre-wetting. The pore size is uniform and has strong flexibility and adsorption power, which can ensure effective retention capacity to meet the application requirements of fine filtration. It has good chemical compatibility and can be compatible with most reagents without fiber shedding. It meets the standards of the pharmaceutical industry.
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