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Home » Products » Application » Nylon 0.22 White Syringe Filter

Nylon 0.22 White Syringe Filter

Product applications: water purification, HPLC sample preparation, mobile phase solution filtration, cell culture, microbial filtration or sampling, protein precipitate removal, particle removal and monitoring, QC analysis, content consistency, dissolution testing, environmental sampling, food analysis. Generally speaking, 0.45 ¦Ìm pore size is suitable for removing particles from samples or the mobile phase solution of chromatography equipment, and 0.22 ¦Ìm is suitable for filtering microorganisms.

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1. The outer shell is made of sanitary polypropylene with low dissolution and excellent chemical stability, ultrasonic welding, tight edge bonding, no leakage, high pressure resistance 2. The use of a syringe filter is the fastest and most effective method to filter trace samples, without changing the membrane and cleaning the filter, saving a lot of time 3. All products adopt imported high-quality microporous membranes, which have low adsorption to samples, ensuring maximum recovery of small or high-value samples, thereby reducing waste 4. The standard interface is convenient to connect to various syringes, and it can also be directly connected to the needle of the 7725 valve, and the sample can be injected directly after filtering. 5. This product is specially designed to withstand the burst pressure up to 8bar
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