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Aijiren Syringe Filter made of Multiple Materials

With PES syringe filter membrane mechanically strong character, it can handle high-temperature liquids, with great flow rate (better than PTFE), and low protein binding. With these features, PES syringe filters offer superior performance for use with biological samples and media culture. Workable pH range ~3-14.
Nylon: Nylon membrane filters are hydrophilic, flexible, tear-resistant, and autoclavable. They are resistant to a range of organic solvents and suitable for use with high pH samples. Nylon binds proteins. Unsuitable for acidic solutions. pH range ~3-14.
MCE (Mixed Cellulose Ester) syringe filters are an ideal choice when biological samples are involved. Mixed Cellulose is a hydrophilic membrane offering both low protein binding coefficients and exceptional flow rates.

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