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Red Sterile Filter

Customers can use sterile syringe filters to filter out particles and contamination in the fluid. Filtration requires a 0.2¦Ìm pore size to produce a sterile filtrate. The volume of the solution to be filtered varies from a few milliliters to several liters. Typical fluids may include serum-containing media, buffers, biological or protein samples, reagents, or other fluids, and need to be free of particulates or microbial contamination.

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The sterile filter can be placed in a syringe used to inject or expel liquid into the body. When collecting blood and certain tissues in preparation for diagnostic culture, syringe filters are usually used. The sterile filter can also be used to separate certain enzymes and proteins from the fluid sucked by the patient. Syringe filters are usually packaged for single use and should be disposed of in an appropriate waste container along with the used syringe.
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