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13mm PP Yellow Syringe Filter

Feature and benefits: 0.2 ¦Ìm hydrophobic air filters are excellent industrial air filter media. Testable by water break through (WBT) test or bubble point testing.Passes USP Class VI biosafety tests for plastics. Manufactured in clean room facilities. Range of filtration areas from 4¨C2000 cm2 to support filtration volumes as small as one liter and as large as a large tank vessel

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Aijiren disposable PP syringe filter devices are designed to provide fast and efficient filtration of aqueous and organic solutions. They are made with a wide variety of membrane filters with a polypropylene or polycarbonate housing using the most advanced methods and design features available today. These syringe filters are suitable for numerous applications in pharmaceutical, environmental, biotechnology, food/beverage, and agricultural testing laboratories.
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