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13mm 25mm PTFE PES PVDF MCE Nylon CA Syringe Filters

In HPLC analysis, the particle size of the chromatographic column packing is small and easily blocked by contaminant particles. Therefore, samples and solvents must be pre-filtered to remove particulate contaminants and protect the instrument.
In addition, chromatography commonly used in environmental analysis requires that no inorganic contaminants be introduced during sample pretreatment.

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Syringe Filter Membrane Pore Size:

  • 0.22um: Sterilization grade filter membrane, sometimes written as 0.2um, can remove very fine particles in samples and mobile phases; it can meet the requirements of 99.99% sterilization specified by GMP or Pharmacopoeia;
  • 0.45μm: usually used for pretreatment to reduce the microbial load and filter out most bacteria and microorganisms; conventional sample and mobile phase filtration can meet general chromatographic requirements;

Advantages of Syringe Filters:

  • Performance - High flow rates and low absorption membranes for minimal sample loss.
  • Simplicity - Color-coded outer ring allows easy identification of membrane and filter media type. Each unit is clearly marked with an identifying code to indicate pore size and membrane material
  • Strength - Bonded outer ring to housing provides strength at higher working pressures for high performance requirements
  • Efficiency - Integral polypropylene prefilter for high flow rates and fast filtration

Syringe Filter Applications:

  • HPLC aqueous sample preparation
  • Biological sample preparation
  • Buffer solutions
  • Salt solutions
  • Tissue culture media
  • Irrigation solutions
  • Sterile isolation
  • Medical use, sterile filtering protein solution, tissue culture media, additives.
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