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Nylon 33mm Syringe Filter

This nylon membrane can be used for alkaline blotting and fixation, but if fixing methods such as baking and ultraviolet rays are used, higher nucleic acid detection sensitivity can be obtained. Since the nylon membrane is a hydrophilic membrane, it does not need to be immersed in ethanol, methanol and other solutions for activation. This product is only for scientific research by professionals, and must not be used for clinical diagnosis or treatment, or used for food or medicine, and must not be stored in ordinary residences. For your safety and health, please wear lab coats and disposable gloves for operation.

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Nylon membrane has good hydrophilicity, acid and alkali resistance, and antioxidant. It is not only suitable for aqueous solutions containing acid and alkali, but also suitable for organic solvents, such as alcohols, hydrocarbons, lipids, phenols, ketones and other organic solvents. It can be used in strong acids, 70% ethanol, dichloromethane and other organic solvents. High temperature resistance, good strength, stable chemical properties.
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