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Package of Flat Bottom Amber Vial

Aijiren is a factory-type enterprise specializing in the production of Autosampler Vial. Aijiren has its own production line that can mass-produce and automate production. Aijiren¡¯s 9mm Autosampler Vial has always been the most popular and the highest-selling product. The flat brown is also a popular choice for customers.

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The amber glass vial produced by Aijiren uses high-quality borosilicate hydrochloric acid glass. Amber can block ultraviolet rays and is the first choice for most laboratories. Flat bottom can ensure that the 2ml vial stands steadily on the desktop, and it can also fit the autosampler more closely. Aijiren¡¯s Autosampler Vial is usually packaged in a pp box, and closed individually.
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