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9mm Screw Hplc Vial With Closures

9mm standard 2ml transparent threaded sample vial (2ml automatic sample vial), ¦µ11.6*32mm, vial mouth diameter 9mm, red PTFE/white silicone vial gasket, blue perforated polypropylene (PP) vial cap, The sample vial is transparent, brown, and can be marked with graduations. They are suitable for various types of autosamplers, such as Aijiren, Waters, Varian and Shimadzu.

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The vial neck of the 9mm sample vial is handled properly to facilitate the handling of the manipulator. Strict quality guarantees the consistency of size between batches. The well-proportioned flat bottom ensures matching with the internal cannula, and the ceramic writing position is convenient for marking.
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