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8-425 Screw Neck Amber Glass Vial

8-425 HPLC Vials is a GC and HPLC standard sample bottle, small caliber, 8-425 standard thread, suitable for autosampler and sample storage. It can be used with matching septa. The 8-425 autosampler vial is always suitable for Shimadzu, Spectra-Physics, Varian, and other autosamplers. It is a popular product of Aijiren, and it can be customized whether to add a writing area or a scale.

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The 8-425 amber sample bottle that is being processed in the picture is 2ml, 12×32mm, and uses first-grade hydrolyzed glass as the raw material. It is often used as a standard sample bottle for GC and HPLC. 8-425 HPLC Vials has a small diameter and 8-425 standard threaded port. With solid cover, it can be used for sample storage. It can be used with 8-425 nut septa. The new small opening sample bottle is equipped with a threaded cap of 8-425 thread size. There are black and white opening covers, solid covers and various septa suitable for different applications. Aijiren produces 8-425 HPLC Vials for chromatographic analysis instruments. It can be compatible with various autosampler vials of Aijiren, Shimadzu, Waters, PerkinElmer, Thermo and Varian autosamplers. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products. With the help of these products, we provide them with support to keep their business processes streamlined in a well-maintained manner.
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