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Combine PTFE Septa and 9mm Screw Cap

The machine in the picture is fixing the Septa inside the 9mm Screw Neck Cap. The machine will recognize the PTFE and Silicone surfaces of Septa, and grab the PTFE side upwards. After the Cap enters the fixed position, insert the Septa into the Cap, and then compact it. In this way, Septa will not easily fall off from the 9mm Screw Cap, which facilitates the sealing and puncture purposes.

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Aijiren is a company specializing in the production of chromatographic consumables, specializing in the production of Autosampler Vial and supporting accessories. Aijiren provides the widest variety of bottle caps, from various metal and polypropylene plastic bottle caps, small bottle caps and others with a series of lining systems. Choose from bottle caps to suit your application and container. We also provide distribution cover, hole cover, septum, mciro insert. These covers form a very tight seal and provide a good chemical barrier. When the bottle cap is screwed on, the lining forms itself around the sealed area of the veneer, effectively eliminating leakage, evaporation, and pollution.
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