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Screw Thread Reagent Bottle

Reagent Bottle is suitable for general laboratory use, including mixing, storing or transporting culture media, chemicals or solvents. White enamel paint with chemical resistance, enhanced nicks and spots, can be autoclaved, with GL 45 threaded cap, each bottle has a replaceable clean (natural) non-drip polypropylene casting ring, from USP compliance Manufacture of type I and ASTM E438 type I, and type A requirements of 33 kinds of expansion type low extractable borosilicate glass

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Reagent bottles are the first choice for storing reagents in laboratories, especially molecular biology laboratories. Aijiren adopts fully automatic production line to ensure the first-class product. Aijiren adopts the bottle mouth "O" type leak-proof ring to avoid liquid dripping during use. The price advantage is obvious, and you will be surprised!
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