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Wide Mouth Reagent Bottle

1. It is made of borosilicate 3.3 glass, which has the properties of chemical resistance, heat resistance and impact resistance. The unique design of the pouring ring at the mouth of the bottle avoids dripping during use.
2. For the convenience of use, reagent bottles with a capacity of 100ml and above all adopt uniform and replaceable screw caps and pouring rings.
3. The bottle body, bottle cap and pouring ring can be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure.
4. Suitable for sample collection for various liquid particle size testing, containing high-clean reagents, standard materials, and standard samples
5. Threaded bottle cap with good sealing performance, which can effectively isolate external magazines, dust and moisture
6. The specifications are clearly marked and the volume scale is obvious

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Reagent Bottle is suitable for general laboratory use, including mixing, storing or transporting culture media, chemicals or solvents. White enamel paint with chemical resistance, enhanced nicks and spots, can be autoclaved, with GL 45 threaded cap, each bottle has a replaceable clean (natural) non-drip polypropylene casting ring
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