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Reagent Bottle use in Lab Analysis

With a large enough change in temperature, the neck of the bottle can actually crack if it shrinks too tight around the stopper. Additionally, if hot liquid is poured in the bottle, the liquid will form an air-tight seal between the stopper and bottle and as the liquid and steam in the bottle cool and shrink, the stopper will be pulled down into the bottle neck.? This is the same principle that makes the center of a canning jar lid pop down until the seal is released.

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When using, wash the reagent bottle, dry it, and then fill it with the material that needs to be stored, whether it is to store solid or liquid material, it is best to use a funnel when filling it, which can reduce material loss, and put the material into it when it needs to be stored. Then plug the bottle cap tightly. If it is a moisture-prone or volatile substance, after the bottle cap is plugged, the bottle mouth and the bottle cap should be sealed with paraffin.
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